< img src=" https://media.point2.com/p2a/htmltext/498a/c700/4c21/79a2ebda4470e47674d0/original.png" >. Lic. James B. Santacroce/ Handling Broker/ East Cape Realty We focus on East Cape realty, insurance, and structure in sensational Baja California Sur, Mexico. We have actually assembled the very best homes and home-sites for you to see on the East Cape. Please take pleasure in seeing these on our East Cape Residential or commercial property pages. Our site has tabs along the leading with drop-down menus to take you to our crucial service locations and information pages for the East Cape. Beach-front and ocean-view domestic or industrial property supply the best security for your investment

or retirement community. Follow us on social networks for all the most recent events about fishing, climate condition

, wildlife, brand-new listings, and good deals. Our social media networks links are at the bottom of every page. Call us today, and we wish to see you on the East Cape very soon!< a href=" https://www.eastcapeinbaja.com/Los_Barriles_Information/page_2566415.html "> Los Barriles & East Cape Details Baja California Sur Video< img src= "https://media.point2.com/p2a/htmltext/e5e4/f658/dcb6/ea73f0d37681291a68e2/original.jpg "/

> … Lic. James B. Santacroce/ Handling Broker/ Director” I genuinely enjoy providing our clients and visitors to the East Cape of Baja and would< img src=" https://media.point2.com/p2a/htmltext/e5e4/f658/dcb6/ea73f0d37681291a68e2/original.jpg "/ > like to talk to you about our place and the opportunities. I


to see you

on the


Cape of

Baja real soon.” Just have an issue?

We are happy to respond to any concerns you might have about living, going to and owning home in

Mexico.< a href=" https://www.eastcapeinbaja.com/La_Ribera/Baja_California_Sur/Lots_and_Land/Lighthouse_Point/Agent/Listing_387079357.html" > Here is a link to MY FAVORITE LISTING Phone: +1.505.312.5718 Mobile phone: +52.624.110.0187 Aso on What’s< a href =" https://www.eastcapeinbaja.com/La_Ribera/Baja_California_Sur/Lots_and_Land/Lighthouse_Point/Agent/Listing_387079357.html" > App Email: James B. Santacroce Facebook Link< a href=" https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/eastcaperealty/?hl=en" > Instagram Link Our group of service: East Cape Realty, East Cape Insurance Protection, & East Cape Builders Tiffany Levine, Broker Assistant & Elder Partner/ From Malibu California I< img src =" https://mediavault.point2.com/p2a/htmltext/c4bc/1849/be9e/7c7b8ca7030f4db0538c/original.jpg "/ > have in fact been concerning Baja given that the age of 15. With having more than thirty years of Baja expedition, the East Cape brings something special each time I have a look at. As a Residential Or Commercial Property Broker, LMFT, and yoga instructor

, I discover the

East Cape uses one a quiet status among the balance, charm, and harmony of the Sea of Cortez. Found simply far enough from the traveler atmosphere of Los Cabos, while easily positioned to the airport and public markets, the East Cape represents a chance for one to be linked while accepting a sense of calmness and oneness. East Cape offers beachfront living that can not be had anywhere else in Baja California. If you’ve been thinking of a lifestyle in Baja California, I ‘d delight in to share more of my experiences with you. I want to consult with you about the numerous beachfront and ocean-view opportunities on the East Cape of Baja. Namaste Here is a link to MY FAVORITE LISTING Phone: +1.505.312.5718 Email: Tiffany Levine Are you thinking about offering your Beachfront or Ocean see home

or apartment? Our website, including this page, gets over 70 special visitors a day. We concentrate on marketing beachfront residential or commercial property on the East Cape. Deal us a call today! Call James Angela Palinckx, Specialist/ From Parker, Colorado As a previous property representative in Colorado, I loved dealing with purchasers as

well as tailored house home builders. I developed such an enthusiasm for the structure procedure that my spouse and I have actually delighted


structure and selling

a variety of homes


Colorado. Our latest undertaking has us constructing a beachfront house on the East Cape of Baja, we simply moved this November 2019, have any issues about Lighthouse Points just offer me call. While it was the fishing that brought us here at first, it was individuals that lots of affected our choice to get here. Making the option to construct was an easy one and I prepare for sharing all the unique elements I have really discovered more about, purchasing, structure and living on the East Cape. Here is a link to MY FAVORITE< a href=" https://www.eastcapeinbaja.com/La_Ribera/Baja_California_Sur/Homes/La_Ribera/Agent/Listing_272255806.html" > LISTING Phone: +1.303.523.4232( Rings in Baja) Email: Angela Palinchkx L.C. Roberto de la Torre, Specialist/ From Baja California Sur I was born and raised in Baja California Sur, throughout my expert life I have actually worked with local and worldwide tourist business

, that is why I understand the

paradises of Baja efficiently

, especially the Sea of Cortez. As a regional of Baja California Sur, I have really had a look at every corner of the state, East Cape is not the exception. I have really been residing in this location for nearly 15 years, I understand its locations and individuals. It is a very tranquil and gorgeous location to live. East Cape is a location where anyone can succumb to the great contrast in between desert, mountains, plant life, beaches, and the great marine biodiversity. I speak English and Spanish Saludos-Yo hablo español Here is a link to MY FAVORITE LISTIN G Phone: +1.505.312.5718 Cell: +52.624.2136900 Email: L.C. Roberto de la Torre Marko Zecevic, Partner Marko< a href= "http://mailto:%[email protected]" > is our Site Master and all things technical. He has an authentic love for Los Cabos and the Sea of Cortez. Beachfront domestic or

industrial propertiesare his specialized. Have a concern about any one of our numerous beachfront homes, Marko likely

has the answers. Here is a link to MY FAVORITE LISTIN< a href= "https://www.eastcapeinbaja.com/Beachfront_Homes__Condos/page_2566421.html" > G S Phone: +1.505.312.5718 Cell: +52.624.110.0187 Email: Marko Zecevic The East Cape of Baja and the Sea of Cortez” Great Coastal< img src=" https://media.point2.com/p2a/htmltext/301d/e868/65aa/c2ac512d19a5ea5f851a/original.jpg "/ > Living.” East Cape and Los Barriles Particulars East Cape Group Personal Privacy Policy Currency Converter Source

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