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Owning Cabo Real Estate

Acquiring a residential or commercial property in Mexico might look like a complex procedure, however the reality can be rather various. Our group at Baja Smart will assist you navigate through the getting procedure every step of the method (no matter where you remain in the world), making sure a notified, safe and successful transaction.There are five common steps in completing the procedure of property acquisition here in Baja California Sur: the Deal, the Contract, 3rd Party Escrow, a Bank Trust (or’Fideicomiso ‘in Spanish), and the Closing.1.

Offer.We deal with the purchaser to assemble their finest deal. We are equipped with the resources, info and settlement experience in order to attain for you the best possible cost.2. Contract.When the offer is accepted our closing agent will make up a legal document, termed an Escrow Arrangement, covering all the information agreed on by the buyer and seller.3. 3rd party Escrow.By utilizing third party escrow, your money remains safe till the residential or commercial property title is officially moved to you.

We utilize numerous business that supply us fantastic service and our customers are extremely pleased. Fidelity National Title, Stewart Title Los Cabos 4. Bank Trust/ Fideicomiso.The closing representative guides this procedure. The Fideicomiso is the main paperwork needed to own coastal realty as a foreigner in Mexico.5. Closing.When the closing agent has finished all information of the process, then the Notario Publico will transfer the title from owner to buyer.At Baja Smart we take our business seriously.

Buying residential or commercial property in

a various country can appear complicated, but our team will ensure that you’re protected, notified and guided through every action of the process.

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