Playa del Luz

The Beach of Light

A Pacific Ocean Community With Peace and Open Space 

1000 acres of Pacific Ocean property

Large acreages with oceanfront and ocean views in a planned community.

Secure purchasing with American title insurance

Fully serviced with electricity and water.

Old Farm Site At Playa del Luz

Playa del Luz is a unique residential development on the Pacific coast. The property contains almost a mile of pristine ocean frontage, facing due west. The lighthouse point of El Cedro forms the northwest corner of the land, with excellent fishing from its rocky shores.

 Adjacent to the point is a wide, sandy, swimming beach and an area set aside for organic citrus orchards as common land. All the acreages will have water, electricity and spectacular ocean views. 

The community master plan includes common areas for organic orchards, common access to the central beach, and the retention of over 50% of the land as open space. 

Water will be provided from a central community storage tank at the highest point of the land with natural gravity water piped to each residence. 

A small village that is only a couple of miles away provides basic supplies, and major supermarkets, fine restaurants, hotels and medical facilities are all available in La Paz.

More information about Playa del Luz in Baja Sur, Mexico

Lighthouse Point, Playa del Luz

  • 1000 acres on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico 
  • 180-degree ocean views from much of the land. 
  • Almost one mile of beach frontage 
  • 1-hour drive from La Paz airport 
  • Electricity and water 
  • Shared community orchard and swimming beach
  • Secure purchasing with American title insurance

South End of Playa del Luz 

Information about


  • AMERICAN ESCROW SERVICE and TITLE INSURANCE:“First American” offers both an escrow service and title insurance for purchase of properties in Mexico.  They have an approved attorney in La Paz who can facilitate any required title searches.  Deposits and payments are made to the First American Latin American division office in Florida to ensure the financial security of any funds.  We can provide all necessary contacts and forms.  
  • QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS for SERIOUS INQUIRIES:  We request that anyone with a serious interest in one of our listings should first qualify their financial ability, prior to asking to be shown the properties or making an offer to purchase.  A statement from your financial institution with a contact phone number and email address is requested.
  • MAKING an OFFER TO PURCHASE and AN AGREEMENT FOR SALE:  We recommend that all prospective buyers visit the property with one of our agents in La Paz prior to making an offer.  We request that all offers commit to providing a 10% deposit to First American Escrow Service (or other mutually agreed escrow service) within one
     week of acceptance of the offer.  This deposit must be subject only to the title being free and clear of any encumbrances as determined by American Title or other mutually agreed title insurer.
  • CONCERNS REGARDING PURCHASING, OWNING and DEVELOPING LAND in MEXICO:  There is a distinct difference between land purchase requirements in Mexico for foreign individuals and foreign corporations.
    Foreign Corporations can own property in Mexico provided it is for business purposes.  This is usually done through establishing a wholly owned Mexican subsidiary.
    Foreign individuals, however, need to acquire land via a bank trust lease agreement called a Fideicomiso if the land is within 50 kilometers of the coast and the border (all of Baja).  This is somewhat similar to the lease tenure system common in Hawaii. We can provide more information about this and suggest American legal counsel to work with on all land purchasing matters.

About the “La Paz” Region
“Peace” on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula
Photo: La Paz Harbor, March 2005

  • “La Paz” meaning ‘peace’, is located in Baja California Sur, on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, the land immediately south of the United States — separated from mainland Mexico by the Sea of Cortez — sometimes also referred to as the Gulf of California. 
  • Unspoiled beaches with crystal clear water and utter tranquility are a short drive from the urban amenities of the city of La Paz. Favorite outdoor activities in the region include diving and sports fishing.  The calm waters, fine weather and uncompromising beaches allow for wonderful experiences with snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and water skiing.  The area is known for having the greatest variety of marine mammals in the world and has become one of the world’s most popular centers for eco-tourism. 
  • Climate:   The overall region is mostly sunny. The Pacific coast temperature is moderated by the ocean, so the daily highs rarely exceed 85 degrees F in the summer near the beaches and are in the low 70s in the winter.  Pacific coastal properties are ideal for year-round living.  The city of La Paz itself is on the eastern side of the Baja Peninsula where summer temperatures can become very hot and frequently exceed 100-degrees. 
  • Transportation: Aero California services La Paz with daily flights from Los Angeles and Mexico City. Los Cabos, several hours drive south of La Paz, is serviced by Alaska Air, American, Delta and many other airlines from most major cities in America and Canada.
Southern Beach Area

Playa del Luz is Unique in Beauty, Space and Peace

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