Owning Home in Mexico

Mexican Residential Or Commercial Property Trusts or”Fideicomiso”Amendments to the Constitution allow foreigners to acquire and own real estate in Mexico situated within the “restricted zone” which is all land within 60 miles of a national border and within 30 miles of the Mexican Coast. This Law allowed ownership through a land trust or “Fideicomiso”.

A “Fideicomiso” is a Mexican Trust. The Mexican Federal government concerns a license to a Mexican Bank of your option, permitting the bank to serve as purchaser for the home. The bank functions as the “Trustee” for the Trust and you are the “Beneficiary” of the Trust. The “Beneficiary” rights are really similar to Living Wills or Estate Trusts in the U.S.

. The law authorizes Mexican banking organizations to act as trustees. A trustee takes instructions just from the recipient of the trust (the foreign purchaser-you). The recipient can utilize, occupy and possess the residential or commercial property, including the right to build on it or otherwise enhance it. The beneficiary may likewise sell the rights and instruct the trustee to move title to a certified owner.

The home or home that you purchase will be put into a trust with you called as the recipient of the trust – you are not a lessee. You have all the rights that an owner of residential or commercial property in the U.S. or Canada has, consisting of the right to take pleasure in the residential or commercial property, offer the home, lease the property, improve the home, and so on

. The preliminary term of the trust is 50 years. A financier can renew the trust for an extra duration of 50 years within the last year of each 50-year period, and this procedure can be continued forever, providing for long term control of the asset.


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